stand by

one single impression prompt 51: spectral
photo: outsideserni, flickr

yes, of course.
i won’t do it anymore.
won’t wait on the corner.

no, i’m not working.
sometimes for hours,
under the rain.
washed by a
drenching deluge
in the middle of mist.

when the imperceptible
comes rushing,
running to the corner
back to the beginning,
normal stays for a visit.

yes, i know,
i said i wouldn’t.
it was the
waiting sound
softly falling.


18 thoughts on “stand by

  1. endurogirl says:

    I love this. Where do I start?? I can’t, so I won’t even try. It just IS!!!! I just keep coming back for another read.

  2. i love this, love the conversational feel and the haunting tone. it’s so beautiful. i’m going to bookmark this so i can come back to it often.

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