wherever u want

michelle’s poefusion friday five: breast, chronicles, facsimile, visual, squirrel
photo: Existential Anxietylightgazer, flickr

patiently turmoil hovers
disturbing disorder
deciding direction
agreeable facsimile
covert visual approach

sitting serenely
upon a stool
nudges the silly
squirrel subconscious
brushing the breast
bating banter

quietly chronicles
neptune neurosis
conversing counsel
darwin and jung delight

pull over and park
let’s talk no more
take me home
to harmonious happiness


11 thoughts on “wherever u want

  1. how to say
    is home
    to whom

    home is metaphorical
    and “take me home”
    is looking inside

    take me home
    with fewest images
    with least struggle

    take me home
    flying fastest

    take me home
    without correcting spelling mistakes

    take me home
    drunk undrunk

    take me home
    for now
    to silence of my thoughts

    take me home to that
    homely couch
    with love beside

    take me home…
    lets all be home together
    and huddle close by
    like one,,,

    take us home
    with words so beautifully
    you recite…

  2. That is very cool, Ms Pie. So many threads, ideas, and something just a little but sexy in there too. Like a couple who know each other very well.

  3. oh dear…
    dats the only thing i know
    words mean so many thing

    with some left over…
    words are man made

    but how you will remove
    the nature inside you
    the left over

    you do or not
    poet inside you
    will express it…

    nature is silly
    and simple
    complicate it if you want
    overlap it with words

    but their is gap
    in words to communicate
    nature and silliness
    and poem

    its where you

    i am talking like if i know
    but you know…
    i know that

    in between you and me
    words only exist
    so i can talk silly

    rest i can leave it on
    your nature

    everything a poet says is inspiration to rest….

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