one single impression no 50: movement
photo: bufivla, flickr

awaken sleepless
purple magic light aglow
venus brews housecalls

hot peppermint tea
darknesss channels harmony
night sounds quiet light

subtle shifts of time
birdcalls que the ticking clock
sleepy musings sear

boiling water shrieks
whacky wet ringing wishes
pours the soothing tea

soon back to dreaming
drenched in lemon peppermint
backstroke cools the heat


21 thoughts on “again

  1. What a great poem! Thank you for sharing this vivid depiction. Even the photo adds to the overall feeling of the piece. I look forward to reading more of your work.

  2. oh my “subtle shifts of time” is indeed fine !
    and the hiss and smell and mystical violet of the gas flame, you’ve struck many a chord with me. nicest!

  3. There’s a lovely intimacy and familiarity to your poem, I enjoyed it very much. And I have to mention the image, too. I’ve always preferred a gas range, but alas, most of the places I’ve lived in have had electric. Gas is better and much more beautiful – in my opinion!

  4. i don’t comment here a lot, as mostly i am speacless, andmany time i feel i miss something, yet your words ring so beautiful for me. i had to stop and say it out loud. thank you

  5. “hot peppermint tea
    darknesss channels harmony
    night sounds quiet light”

    I love the image this poem evokes….the dead of the night- when anything is possible…even peppermint tea!

    Thanks for sharing (and beautiful picture)!

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