one day

one single impression no 48: if only i had time
photo: Napoléon et la bêtise, flickr

i would activate a…
revolution shift
magi magic urbane flight
fluid excursion

abstract migration
meridian adventure
acceptable coup

sink with a sunset
weightless waving azimuth
disengage epoch


17 thoughts on “one day

  1. endurogirl says:

    I love trying to get my brain around the sounds of the words and the rhythms of the lines, as well as the content. Awesome words.

  2. ..imagination -the “magic urbane flight’
    in a “fluid excursion”_

    time is a “meridian adventure”_leadig to an “acceptable coup”_

    and the rest sinks with the sunset ..for creating a conundrum of the mind many thanks indeed..

  3. sink with a sunset… how divine!

    Have you ever sat waiting and watching for the sunset in Mallory Square in Key West? Because that is precisely how I felt watching it… like I was sinking into the endless horizon along with it.

  4. Well, I had to think about this for a bit. I am glad you wished for time to disengage your process.
    There are a lot of questions I could ask but won’t. It is a nice piece of work. Thank you.
    BTW, that Napoléon et la bêtise, whose picture you used, I wonder if you have looked through most of her photos. She seems to be Italian. If so did you run across one of the Roman ‘She-Wolf’ Statue in Siena? The ‘She-Wolf’ Statue, Capitoline Wolf, is my profile picture on my MySpace. 😉

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