flagrant flogging

three word wednesday: cadence, humble, resolve

sorry, could you repeat.
resolve the idlyl interlude left imperfect and the double doors will open.
do i need a secret password?
no, step aside you’ve already taken too long. next.

seriously, i’ve stood in line for a week, i think. repeating repetition. there must be another way.
no, not really.
turning around i wondered who would defy the order and speak aloud. following a humble path was not easy. there were no instructions nor was there a list. always there is a list numbered one through ten.

seeking enlightenment in a white crowded cloud was not exactly how i thought it would end. the cadence of death and dying instantaneously was all too disconcerting.

do i really have start all over again?


11 thoughts on “flagrant flogging

  1. Each time I read this, I come away with a different feeling. It has a surreal feel and yet it’s loaded with reality. The crowded cloud is an image that reproduces and reproduces. Nice work…

  2. This is so imaginative! Waiting in line for enlightenment on a crowded white cloud…wow. Let’s hope that’s not the reality, huh? I really enjoyed this — great read!

  3. UL says:

    It has been ages, and what a welcome! This piece I loved, esp. that last line, “Do I really have to?” Yes, Yes, Yes, such is life is it not? Hope you are doing well, happy new year to you, I have been so very busy…work has been killing, no time at all for creativity, not sure when I will be able to join you folks, but I will definitely try to stop and read such profound thoughts from your end…hugs.

  4. I agree with Tumblewords. I read this first Wednesday night, but didn’t comment. And every time I do read it, I come away with different feelings, emotions. That is great writing.

  5. not quite sure but I sort of think this is more than about death, rather it’s about trying to find a beginning, I don’t know why I think that, maybe it’s the though of waiting in yet more lines or simply wanting to be doing something instead of being idle

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