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read write image No 7 and one single impression: fading memories
photo: illryon

awakening light
decorate the canyon walls
speak silently clear

high above a ridge
born hidden undiscovered
standstill the sound shouts

no longer attend
speechless shadows seek the light
where once fire blazed
** ** ** ** ** **
mesa verde is a place that exists behind a curtain…. first saw the mesa in the early 80s and was able to walk within the walls and the dwellings… now, they no longer allow access….


21 thoughts on “rhinstones

  1. it sounds like a experience that can only be seen through one’s eyes but your words does create an imagine of something beautiful but perhaps tangible

  2. I love it when fading memories of this type come back to haunt me … beautiful, both the photo and the poem …

    “standstill the sound shouts”

    I believe I hear it …

  3. Sandy says:

    You are lucky you got the chance to feel the place. I have always wanted to, and now it is too late. Love your poem and hope that memory doesn’t fade too much.

  4. You just have to know there are ghost-like figures lurking around there in their old haunts “where the fire once blazed.” I’d like to check it out.

    We did visit a site in France where prehistoric writings and figures were on the wall. Like you, we couldn’t go in but they did have a very nice full size reproduction.

    You may have read about Illryion’s visit to the Mesa Verde as he wrote a blog about that visit. It seemed that he was able to go up to those entrances as there is a picture of one of his group standing outside.

    We didn’t get busted for that, it was in school (first grade). She took me down to the steps of the storm cellar. Did get busted another time about age seven with cousin. He was in trouble with his mom for being a tattle-tale.

  5. Hi OMB–
    I had an amazing experience the first time my eurovan crawled to the top of Mesa Verde in 1988. I lived in Florida at the time, and had not traveled in the west at all.

    I cried the entire trip up the mesa. I didn’t know why, except for the sense of loss and ancestry that I didn’t understand.

    Subsequently I moved to western Colorado and visited MV many times. Although I stopped weeping, the feeling of memories that I cant’ quite access has never stopped.

    Now I live in Oregon and think of Mesa Verde as a pilgrimage site. Having found lots of ruins just hiking around the southwest, and visiting Canyon de Chelly several times and having a similar experience, MV continues to haunt me.

    Thank you for this beautiful, haunting piece.

  6. I’ve walked in the Garden of the Gods in Colorado, in cannons and the dessert.

    This poem definitely captures the essence of clarity, silence above sound and how shadows dart through the light of each day in such places. I alwasy enjoy listening to the sound of the wind or nature that may be there like birds chirrping their song at times.

    Spaces that stand in stillness of silence unless a someone stands there. Even then they may not appreciate or recognize it. Many fail to recognized that beauty you capture in this poem. Simple, but complex.

    Have a great day.


  7. Beloved Dreamer says:

    Beautiful and your images speak so quietly, it’s if they were whispers. Well done my friend.


  8. Actually – these ruins are NOT that close to Mesa Verde – in fact it’s entirely in Utah. This is on Cedar Mesa in south east Utah. I know, I took the picture. Digging the poetry though…

    thanks for the clarification, thought when i saw yr photo it sed verde mesa… oh well, though these are so very, very close to verde mesa…

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