writer’s island no 15: if i could change one thing and weekend wordsmith no. 83 road
photo:  cindy47452, flickr.com

i wouldn’t have gone down that road. i wouldn’t have pointed the gun to his head and squeezed the trigger of his soft steel .44 magnum. i wouldn’t have felt the sting of his death spatter soil my tender aged skin. i wouldn’t have turned and walked away with little regret, bathing in the freedom of lock and load. i wouldn’t possess a buried secret rattling the chains of right and wrong in the dreams of my liberation. i wouldn’t hide in the open plains of blue sky and wheat fields sometimes counting clouds with the sweet bitter taste of heaven and hell. i wouldn’t drink the amber whiskey igniting the fire in the belly of my broken bloom.

instead i wouldn’t have gone down that road, i would have drifted my direction and walked a different life.


5 thoughts on “emancipation

  1. Noah says:

    I missed reading your work, like many others! Life went to hell. I caught up on the last few months, and you’re getting better and better. It’s always a pleasant surprise here.

  2. Great way to meet the challenge of the WI prompt. Like the attention to details as well as the word play, especially in that last line. Really outstanding,


  3. UL says:

    I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t – but I did and now there’s no return, though I always wonder if there’s any use in thinking “What if?” One can’t change the past, but one can definitely form the future right…your post made me think. As always.

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