12 thoughts on “veil

  1. I wonder whenever I see such veiling how one’s world view – and self view – would be changed. Perhaps without a cultural context, the full impact could not be told. Very thought expression.

  2. .This has nothing to do with poetry!_
    Just an anecdote_
    At college, long back,with a view to participate in cultural events I had the opportunity to visit ‘a girl’s college’ located in an orthodox part of the city.
    Many of the girls in that college wore a ‘veil’ as their custom required.There was a cloak room in the college premises where the students deposited their ‘veils’ once inside the campus & moved about in ‘normal’ attire thereafter.
    We the boys were allowed in only for the cultural festivals etc
    The image that stays with me is the force & the anger with which the girls would throw & hurl the ‘veils’ into the cloak room & the sense of glee they would have in the acquired ‘freedom’.
    Needless to say they also looked so happy to be basking in the gaze of the boys with the roving eyes,
    allowed rarely into their campus .
    Not sure whether all the girls were angry with the veils but the many that I saw sure were..

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