4 beat measure

once in the light
glimmer captured
foreign and alive

wolf in waiting
whale turning
splash of running wind

fast and wild
could not capture
the taste of wet water

fluid forms
shadows shining
beneath the swelling seas

broken shell
biting wind
guarded paws wander

howling heard
far afield
i recognize the sound
** *** *** **
weekend wordsmith: ripple
photo:  inua, flickr


5 thoughts on “4 beat measure

  1. Absolutely wonderful! I am also stopping by to wish you all the best in 2009.

    On another note, I happened to re-read a short story (The Homecoming) that I wrote back in August and also the comments with the story, from my readers. Your comment stood out as one of the most memorable I have received:

    hello g, you’ve written a magnificent train story, filled w/so much life.. it leaves me breathless… this is what writing is all about… creating a life of someone that is so real he breathes outloud.. found myself wondering, i think i’ve passed through this station before.. i was so inspired by the photo you offered at one single impression, i thank you… there is nothing like traveling by train, it is heaven… and with delight i peer into the blue sky to consider “mashed potato” clouds…

    I wanted to thank you again for this wonderful compliment to my work. I don’t write a lot of short stories so your words (and the other comments for this story) meant even more.

    I do hope you will stop by again soon. Perhaps you will want to check out the writing contest I have just posted about, coming up in early january.

    Cheers, G

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