forming a single thought
took great effort
never seeking
not neglected
continuing without hesitation
each jealous breath
strengthened the will

i could not help but to think of terri schiavo.

and just because ….

how nice it would be
to spend the day sober
coming to that conclusion
had taken many days of
neglected thoughts
jealous lies and
hesitating will
** ** ** ** **
three word wednesday this week’s offer: hesitate, jealous, neglect
photo: ecstaticist


5 thoughts on “caught

  1. i’m very touched by your thoughts of terri. an ad on the sidebar of that link said “a life that matters” in the box and i thought…exactly. having 20 years to a ventilator, and so very a much a life that matters, enough to find its way into a blog in a poem to be shared with the world and me. a lovely web

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