never was it real
floating free in the twilight
anchored by balloons

then was when began
clashing dreams awake or sleep
reality ran

peppered with happy
anger crept quietly still
shadows always talk

lint-free my world sang
running to places unknown
they followed me not
* * * * * * * *
one single impression, this week’s topic: childhood memories
photo: photojennic, flickr


12 thoughts on “harbinger

  1. I can relate to every word in your post concerning my childhood. But I could never put my state of being into these beautiful words.
    “peppered with happy”, i.e. telling my Grandmother about our new car. Until my Dad found I that I had told of his surpise ruined my happiness.
    The other verses also but perhaps not specifically stated with examples in my post (poem?).
    Many times I still have these childhood feelings. For sure I often float free in my lint free world anchored only with floating ballons.
    I love it, thank you.

  2. sv says:

    This is brilliant:

    reality ran
    peppered with happy

    and oh to have a “lint-free world”…but I don’t see the carefree everyone is talking about…”never was it real” hints at some sadness, some disappointment…
    we are trained to look deeper into poetry love, right?

    The title? Couldn’t be more prefect. Super well done!!!

  3. This sort of free wheels along with its juxtapositions, contradictions and the blurring of fantasy and reality. Then ‘they followed me not’ leaves me unsure whether it is a good or a bad thing.

    I’m glad to be back in the world of blogging. Whilst I’ve been away the look of your blog has changed and your poetry has moved on.

  4. What an evocative, touching take on this prompt. I love how you have explored your childhood memories, capturing each emotion eloquently, in your words. Excellent.

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