the nature of being

irrational and witty he charmed the pants off me with his simple statements of existentialism or was it the red wine and french music playing along the river seine. sitting outside the cafe dunotpleaz he mentioned the world spinning without reason and how he loved to eat raw hamburger with catsup when no one else was looking. hot with mistrust he confessed his hatred for the bourgeois haute cuisine and longed for a loaf of peasant bread and cheese. though i knew his words were dripping with sugar coated clouds the carrousel affect came to mind and i decided to sit and discover what made this man so delightful with his blue eyes shining.

the tête-à-tête along the river seine was moving freely as the afternoon sun came over the horizon the heat stretching out over our heads as we progressed to slowly sipping expresso and cognac. wanting to practice my french we then shifted our ideas and the discussion started leaning toward the petit-bourgeoisie and within seconds my mind started to drift, listening to edith piaf, already the newness wearing thin from his constant referral to why not….

how intriguing to hear the words of sartre/simone whispered again in beautifully structured american slang single sentences. he then mentioned his book and how his mind was calculating the next line, but truthfully, i was only interested in the accordian music playing and wished he ask me to dance the tango because what else is there to experience in paris along the walkway but a french tango and red lipstick. jacque soon read the words taking shape and how quickly his response to nothingness and being reflected back on the joy of living in paris along the river seine. he then paused smiled leaned forward taking my hand…
* * * * * *
photo: Swamibu, flickr


6 thoughts on “the nature of being

  1. That is wonderful writing full of many light touches, such subtle depth and mood and the carousel is a perfect image. I was transported into a world where people read “Being and Nothingness” and passion moved like a river.

  2. I was thinking, there was a reason these guys were revolutionaries and yet they proposed a philosophy where meaning was always hidden behind words. There is no such things as a nihilist who is a revolutionary. Passion and empathy pushed them into it. Haha. I making a new rule, Ms Pie. That all my comments are deletable and editable by the blog owner of course. This is a wonderful inspiring piece of writing and set me to thinking about carousels and revolutions, thankyou.

  3. dang, can’t figure out the reply to a comment so gonna hafta make a new one…hi paul, hey always enjoy yr comments… truthfully, after reading their books i thought i’d found a whole other world.. but then i’d read their biographies and well, they died of alcoholism both of them… they were not free at all… bound by the limitations of their humanity.. it somehow cancelled the whole idea of rebels, reason and flyin free…

  4. first i fell in love with the picture.. then i savored the words.. then i read your response to paul saying that they lived as slaves to alcohol,, and had never really been free…

    something deep inside me wishes to differ.. they chose their battle and fought valiantly.. the freedom that they won defies your definition.. but i do believe it was known solely and completely to them on their own terms…..

  5. interesting comment p…. i still wish to differ, fought valiantly…not necessarily so… what is the freedom that they won which they did not already have…

  6. existentialism discussion is way beyond me but I like this piece as a story of two people coming together with words and then perhaps a dance

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