3WW, pink saturday, PoefusionFriday5


sensing tension the air was heavy with an invisible fog of unmistakable proportions. envisage a humid wet jungle, a handy hatchet would suffice; but not knowing the future, i only carry a pretty petite red swiss army knife.

straining to inhibit circuitous damage my bare brown feet kept bumping against the rotten corpse of phantom souls lying littered along the crowded empty room. seeking distraction i opened the door to a beautiful carved dusty armoire. meddling into a debris-filled subsistence the smallness within expanded as reality ripened into a glittering giant peach oozing with kismet. instantly encountering a pink polka-dot rest stop, cognition circled in merry-go-round motion.

if only normal came home i could rinse away the extraneous gypsy songs and horse-led covered coaches lit with a soft fire of midnight moon.

refreshed with jungle fever immunity, i strapped on fire engine red high heeled sandals glad to be heading home, soon sleeping in the safety of my own bed.
* * * ** * * * *
mingling prompts: thommyg’s 3 Word Wednesday: corpse, damage, knife; michelle’s poefusion friday five: meddle, afterwards, debris, rinse, ripen; and, beverly’s pink saturday.
photo: Tin-can Telephone, flickr


20 thoughts on “afterwards

  1. Hello One More Believer~ I agree with Lissa that there’s a certain mystery here. I could see this one being expanded upon. All I can add is that there’s no place like home and the safety of your own bed. Well done. Have a nice day.

  2. you are always mysterious and captivating in your writing. your stories are quick for me to imagine and i always hate to go back to whatever i was doing before i came to your page because each of your little stories and poems are such liveable worlds and i always wondering about more.

  3. The imagery is great in this piece. And to go from bare brown feet to fire engine red high heels made me smile. Loved the read, thanks for sharing it.

  4. breathenoah says:

    I was drawn in by the flow of this, I wasn’t sure where it was taking me but I just loved the ride… very nice.

  5. Hi!
    Awesome story and photo!! The photo reminds me of a coach with a beautiful lady going to meet her lover! Thanks for sharing. Take Care!!


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