between the cracks

rarely touched by life
he enjoyed the sweet ripe peach
a mouthful of taste

noticing nothing
his human fraility hid
just under the suit

one forgotten man
drifter in captured escape
lost photo albums

trapped transient tramp
he wanders 5th avenue
hardened with knowledge
* * * * * * * *
one single impression, this week’s topic by Janice of My Bellavia, GIFT.
photo: by Lady Vervaine, flickr


12 thoughts on “between the cracks

  1. some very powerful images in your poem — very vivid and wonderfully tied to your photo image. I imagine the man grayed (not just his hair, but his skin, and clothes) by the weight of life on the streets, with the ripe, sweet, juicy bright peach.

  2. I often wonder when I see one of these wandering homeless types what they had left behind.
    Thanks for the reminder and for putting your feelings into words. 🙂

  3. I like the second part, it’s really sad how one doesn’t see what’s underneath a person, especially those lost on the streets, you certainly pinpoint his humanity

  4. Wow. So poignant. Scary, even. Especially the last 2 verses. Life has a way of doling out some hard knocks and it often does harden a person to the very core.

  5. Thank you for this–
    I felt this man and the gift of the peach profoundly.

    The feeling was like that which I used to experience when I worked with infants born with problems and difficulties. When they would make the slightest progress towards movement or speech or recognition, etc. the world would be backlit with joy for those small gifts that in a person without these children’s challenges would barely be noticed.

    Many thanks–beautifully done.

  6. can those of us never touched by the cold hand of homelessness ever really know they joy that could be found in one tree ripened piece of fruit????

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