i shall let the wind…

through an open window
disturb the distance between

penetrate the inanimate
stalking the stillness

release the remedy
the heavy coat of dust

unengage the sitting chair
avocado green

soft shadows
sing the unsung

mumbling madness
hide the hidden

unearth the rustling rattle
back door ajar

masquerading meadow
scent of harvested hay

sleeping slumbering bones
washed white with wonder

grasp the trembling kite
anchor the fluid string

purple stars
from far away
* * * * * * *
michelle’s poefusion tuesday title this week’s title, i shall let the wind…
photo: Crystal Writer (Out for Neck Surgery), flickr


2 thoughts on “amnesty

  1. construction101 says:

    That really is like words swirling, and winds scattering this and that. Brings to mind the leaves outside. Dancing in the slight breeze as it drifts to the ground. Where it gathers with layers of other similar leaves until I get out there once a week or so and rake them up! Wish I could scatter words like you do visually.

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