love leaves loudly

quietly closing the car door she soon grasped the full impact of sleepless  nights. speaking out loud to no one in particular, “it’s either him or me. his slightly open sleepy mouth, no more.” after nights of constant torment there was no other conclusion. her quiet ways had proved to be a snare. together alone it mattered little. turning the key the engine purred softly. backing out of their driveway in the early hours before dawn her blue-green eyes began to change. good-bye tears fell flowing over falling silent wetting her chin onto her now cool nightgown. the epitasis his constant vibrating sonorous snores.
* * * * * * * * * *
Poefusion Friday Five this week’s five: epitasis, slightly open, blue-green, conclusion, snare
photo:  Jim Felder, flickr


6 thoughts on “love leaves loudly

  1. I read this two different ways, piece of pie. The first being that he was leaving her because they couldn’t work things out and then upon rereading I found this to be a bit deeper. I saw a woman finding her husband after he’d inhaled to many fumes. I think that would have to be the most terrible feeling to watch someone you loved dying that way. Well written. Have a nice day.

  2. That is very nicely written, the blue green of her eyes really lit up the whole piece and brought it to life. They say separate beds have saved many a marriage.

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