concealed caution
wandering ways
dark delight
blind walking
blue horizon
endless eagle eyes

itchy short skirt
soft brown skin
delicate bare feet
tasty tomorrows

flying frolic
wingless flight
jaded secret life

fall harvest moon
wait and wonder
susurrus night
noctural owl
unsettling howl

move along
invisible transition
bending branches
counterfeit courage
* * * * * * * *
ThomG 3 word wednesday this week’s picks: delicate, jaded, night
photo: drweber82, flickr


11 thoughts on “found

  1. the combination of the two poems currently showing on your front page is a very perfect pairing… autumn rebirth and serenity are just the tip of the pleasure found…..

  2. You are very much welcome. It’s been fun, and a little daunting when Tuesday night rolls around. And it’s not like I get a head start on the 3. I guess I should explain next week how I choose.

  3. I almost get the sense she is an unsuspecting prey and the wild life is metaphorical for how she freely she puts herself in harm’s way.

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