totally optional prompts

unscheduled trip

started again
itchy feet

blue skies beguile
daylight dry mesmerize
cool afternoon captivate

blowing winds seduce
white waves magical clouds

clandestine wish
the itch away
there across the bottom
heel to toe

every scratch

let’s run, let’s go
right now
wherever you want
i’ll go

relinquish the wish
discharge the duty
nothing else
could possibly matter

we’ll take a plane
a bus, a car
a train on tracks

emancipated essence
barefoot rambler
carry a few belongings

if only this itch
would stop
* * * * * * *
TOPS this week: conversations
photo: The Road Less Travelled, justpedalhard, flickr


7 thoughts on “unscheduled trip

  1. oh i am so the “on the road again” type girl.. sometimes it takes everything i have to not just put the dogs on a leash a pack on my back and hit it… i know now those days and that mode of transformation are no longer options,, and it does ease the pain to know i have a home…

  2. Cool, road movie poem. Has real tension in the rhythm too like wanting to get moving but being held back. very well made poem, this one.

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