tender hearted bliss
underneath the simmering

suspicious wonder
invisible guardian
wandering earthings

bridgeless existence
distorted doubtful distrust
empathetic light

kindling kindness
beacon to benevolence
weightless watchful shrouds

forsaken orphans
seeking a sanctuary
all too young to know

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
one single impression this week: #28 defenses down
photo: Boy, urchin, rogue…, carf, flickr
“…Look at me here. I am thirteen years old. I don’t have a father. I don’t have a homelike house, I am hungry, I don’t know a mother’s love, I sleep on the streets, under the bridge, in cellars and gardens, I get cold, I tried to sell newspapers and nobody bought them; I tried cleaning car windscreens and they told me to piss off; I tried selling knickknacks and almost nobody bought them. So that you take notice of my existence, …” From the text “Menino, Moleque, Malandro” in José Fernandes de Oliveira’s book “A Geração Insatisfeita”, published by Edições Paulinas in 1991. another of his links abandoned in brazil stop by his site…


8 thoughts on “shadows

  1. Nice poem, a very sad life indeed. We have those in the U.S. also, but most ‘oprhans’ are in orphanages here.
    I am going to help in an orphanage in Guatemals the last week in October.

  2. An interesting series of haiku to go with the image. I particularly like the final one: seems to sum it all up.

    A good response to the prompt …

  3. Painfully sad poem. So true for so many innocents. I too have visited Carf’s Flickr site. His workings with street children is phenomenol. God Bless.. . .

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