pink saturday, PoefusionTuesdayTitles

pink prismatic

wearing pink lipstick
entitles femininity to smile
with 5 inch heels

the fragrance of quiet seduction
follows effortlessly as we travel
about the glamorous galaxy

confidently carrying the latest
puissant clutch bag
our dreams cling
to our shapely hips
swaying in the cosmic currents

sunsets sprayed pink
with a blend of blue
kiss the temporal goodnight

until then
the pinkness of a
woman’s pleasure
rests until tomorrow’s dawn
* * * * * * * * *
Tuesday Title offers: LipStick God as a starting point to create a poem; and
Pink Saturday, is a weekly prompt post something pink.
photo:pink world, originally uploaded by ms.lume, flickr


20 thoughts on “pink prismatic

  1. Phenomenal picture. Puts me in mind of the mysteries of budding femininity. And, the poem is like a gentle breeze scented with a sweet perfume.

  2. Oh so very evocative ( oh shoot, I see someone else used this word too)! I enjoyed your pink post! Looking forward to next week’s post!


  3. Beautiful bloom……and poems….What’s an interesting pink post on Pink saturday! You have a wonderful week..Thanks for stopping by…and the sweet comments..Katherinellen

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