totally optional prompts


breathe, please breathe
don’t leave now
just not yet

we’re not finished
there’s still so much
more we have

knowing it was
trying to let go

holding onto
that was not
mine to keep

i listened
to your
soft breath

releasing air

passing through
in a way
to those living
* * * * * * * *
TOP this week’s prompt: time to leave
photo: Departure 2, brianchapman, flickr


9 thoughts on “Departure

  1. i wonder if it is purely selfish of us to want to beg them not to go… after all,, who among us know what really awaits us on the other side… if there is one?????

    lovely verse…

  2. i’ve travelled this path twice, though the first was closest directly to that described here …

    letting go is a huge lesson and geez, it does you inside out …

    this poem, with its staccato breath/pause to listen … is exactly how it feels .. before and after … that last stanza is pure genius!

  3. beautiful poem.the slowness of the words seem to mirror the person’s desire for time to slow so he/she can treasure each moment, each breath before it’s gone.

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