hope and a half

panoramic path
tall green grass swaying suggest
deep well desire

a wondering wish
brought forth by a sudden stop
contemplating noise

cool calm autumn comes
converging unrestrained wind
smell summer passage
* * * * * * * * * *
ReadWritePoem #42: inspired by another’s poem.
photo: Waves, olpron, flickr

…drawn from an inspiration by….
The Wait, Rainer Maria Rilke
It is life in slow motion,
it’s the heart in reverse,
it’s a hope-and-a-half:
too much and too little at once.

It’s a train that suddenly
stops with no station around,
and we can hear the cricket,
and, leaning out the carriage

door, we vainly contemplate
a wind we feel that stirs
the blooming meadows, the meadows
made imaginary by this stop.


6 thoughts on “hope and a half

  1. I enjoyed reading this. You’ve captured many thoughts and feelings in your words. The change in seasons is a great time and opportunity to be inspired. Well done. G

  2. “panoramic path
    tall green grass swaying suggest
    deep well desire”
    this is my favorite but I love how they link to each other, sublte.

    Rilke is one of my beloved poets (not just great ) and you did a very good job with the words you took out from his poem.

  3. Thank you so much for visiting my poetry website! 🙂

    I love the first stanza a whole lot. There is the feeling of movement and wonderful flow throughout the poem because of the use of alliteration. Nice. 🙂

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