EmptyBones, Poetry


the blue sky stood high
without strings or glue
no invisible hands held high
that i could see

troubling troubles
burning hot coals
sparked flint
burning blue

influencing suggestion
surreal seconds ago
telling secrets
with long ago tails

a smooth whiskey
with an ice waterback

bring back jimi hendrix
and stevie ray vaughn

in order of no
breathing sigh

i observe a
forked tongue
spinning tales
with short legs
slithering away
* * * * * * * *
photo: lizard with a blue tail, Rob Ireton, flickr


3 thoughts on “respiration

  1. each time i visit your site i read your poem and then click on comments and see the picture. so the first time i wondered at the ending, thinking maybe this is a reference to a vaughn song lol. well maybe there is a double meaning but i really enjoyed this. the first stanza is my favorite and i love how it went from top to bottom as you glanced up to down (or at least that is how i read it)

    hi sarah, yesterday i wandered thru some of my fav blogs… and, well, the air was disturbed by a wind of unrest… or so it appeared to me.. left over thoughts dipped in some of my own… is it ok to write in an unsettling way with unspoken misunderstandings?.. i love stevie ray just as much as jimi.. but nope no song reference… as always thank you for your thoughtful comments…

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