Poetry, totally optional prompts

right of way

nomadic by nature, rich in wonder and illusion, the previous steps taken begin to mold and measure the illumination of choice. in a meandering movement of pace the road is always open before me. i often admire the emergence of a fork in the road, the approach to an intersection, a bargaining crossroads where one doesn’t stop to loiter. not today. given the right of way the path simply disregards the day and departs. distracted by conventions, elections and jesus i didn’t notice the shift of a mutation.

gazing at the mythical, temporal temptation to make my own way tugs at my soles. itching to peel out, the seasoned mind begins to ruminate and reason, accelerating to a slow stop. sipping sodas of lemonade and spirits the heat of the day overpowers the composure of confidence for movement.

as a young girl, i would gladly take steps with a smiling countenance counting the inconsequential cost in magical moments of carefree living and untold tomorrows. as a softening heart with a headful of memories i stall, cruise into neutral as the motor of my mind idles smooth as a new tuned engine. cautiously mulling over too many details, unnecessarily gathering dust, the one way calls out…come, come, i am calling.
* * * * * * * *
Totally Optional Prompt requests one way poems.
photo: STOP !! ONE WAY !!, lat454205 / Lisa, flickr


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