pillars of creation

prior to the change
it is essential to
shift into neutral

disagreeable thoughts
must be cleared out
absent presence
of all sour signals

turn off any
receptors receiving
incoming influences
of any kind

it is important
not to carry any
hidden nuggets
of negativity
affecting the

sleeping soundly
a catnap quiet
soothed the

as water floats
and flows
so the mind began
to drift
in a sea
of vagueness

particles parting
feelings floating
memories meshed
forever changed
* * * * * * * *
poefusion Friday 5: essential, disagreeable, absent, sour, catnap
photo: Cosmic Epic Unfolds in Infrared, originally uploaded by NASAImageoftheday, flickr


8 thoughts on “pillars of creation

  1. lifecreativitycoach says:

    I love your poem and image. Thank you for sharing.

    Life Coach for Creative People

  2. poeticgrin says:

    Wow – these are my *exact thoughts* when I attempt to quiet my mind and perform yoga! 🙂 Seriously – I enjoy the vividness of your words. Calming – and much needed after a busy Monday.

  3. i love the humble alliteration. nothing too punchy but it gives the poem a pattern to follow.
    and this was a superb stanza
    “as water floats
    and flows
    so the mind began
    to drift
    in a sea
    of vagueness”

  4. Good Morning~ I enjoyed the relaxing feel of this one very much. I only wish I could practice some of your ideas more easily. I am a very hyper person. Well done. Have a nice day.

  5. ..as a star trekie, i remember captain janeway, voyager, she really pulled her weight as the first woman captain, anyhoo, one of the characters,Kes, evolved and transformed into pure energy of some sorts, that was how her species evolved… the way it was brought to the screen, scifi-photography was excellent… Kes had been evolving over a period of time and then one day it sorta just sped up and poof, she sorta disappeared, something like when they first started “beaming me up” look… well, the history on this nebula is fasinating if you’re into the cosmos visit the link.. it has yet to reach our vision.. something abt a wave/explosion…

  6. adsaige says:

    The cosmic formation of the galaxy as we know it. Rather lovely with just enough to keep the image vibrant within the minds eye.

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