PoefusionTuesdayTitles, Poetry

gabriel’s way

nomadic by nature
collecting rose quartz
espy a pickpocket place

rummage a rocky retreat
buttons and bones
litter the refuge reward

steady sigh requiem
orphan stumbling search
motherless phantom face

refurbish reasoning
written in words
no longer propose

heal the affliction
fettered wound
last beat release

finding truth
entre nous
rubbled ruins

ticking time
my name
is called

silent ashes
shelley’s retreat
* * * * * *
spent some time reviewing the beat, and Gregory Corso, along w/his poetry, and friends. Thank you Michelle for an interesting Tuesday Title prompt.

Poefusion TuesdayTitle this week’s prompt: Create a poem using a line inspired from one of Gregory Corso’s poems They want to make buttons out of my bones [The Yak]; and, Friday 5: pickpocket, refurbish, propose, face, heal; photo: Corso’s Monks, asheresque, flickr


6 thoughts on “gabriel’s way

  1. Very strong poem. It reflects Corso’s life very well. Your word choices were impeccable. And, I am pleased to hear that there will be a movie about his life. I will have to catch it when it comes out. Thanks for such a wonderful read. Have a nice day.

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