eternity smiled

today, tomorrow
i fell in love with right now
just a small moment ago

heard a concrete word
overflowing with meaning
beyond a touchable time

share with me this one
where a whisper lingers long
letting go you know

this moment has past
memorize within my soul
signaling anew
* * * * * *
readwritepoem prompt #40: be in the moment;
photo: only a foolish bird bark at a flying dog, payl, flickr


11 thoughts on “eternity smiled

  1. oh…hon…this brought the world into perspective for me for one moment. Beautiful and sweet words. Beyond a touchable time….mmm…favorite line.

  2. The image is wonderful and perfect for the words–striving for the now is I think so difficult yet worth it

    And thank you for the incredibly beautiful comment. I will treasure it

  3. Very beautiful. Although the moment may have passed; tis the love of that moment that will linger and bring forth more love. Your writing is very mystical, calming and beautiful. It is a place of comfort that I will return to often. Thank you for sharing. Peace, Light and Love. . . Cordieb.

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