totally optional prompts

3 dog night

thirteen barking dogs
in a quiet neighborhood
safe sound and secure

one barks they all bark
intent on a job well done
satisfied they rest

green field wide open
ready to run, jump and play
collarless and free

* * * * * * * *
oh my gosh, there are more than enough dogs in my neighborhood… love animals, especially dogs as i have one of my own and she is a barker.. but some days, some days….
totally optional prompts: 3 dog poems;
photo: Something to Bark About, Blazingstar, flickr


12 thoughts on “3 dog night

  1. in my neighborhood it seems to be cats that we have too many of. oh boy, can i tell you during mating season it downright raises the hair on your arms! they screech so! they make my 3 indoor cats all nutty.

  2. I have no animals. Between the neighbors’ barking dogs and the off loaded feral cats which cruise my yard at night, I sometimes forget I have no animals. 🙂

  3. haha, this was neat. makes me smile, how true. this is so true of my neighborhood. i think my dog barks with dogs in other neighborhoods; every now and then i just don’t have the faintest idea where her hollar is directed lol.
    animals are a great thing to write about; most everyone loves them

  4. It is so true of dogs, when one barks they all bark. When my dog was a puppy, we took him to puppy preschool. I knew he was going to be a big dog and I wanted to have some control over him. The teacher said that if we could teach him to bark on command, we could make him not bark on command. A ‘if you can turn it on, you can turn it off’ type of thing. Well, being the clever dog owner, I trained my dog to bark on command but alas and alack, there is no way I can turn him off when I don’t want him to bark, except maybe yell at him. Hehehe.

    I wrote three poems for the TOP prompt: Dogs of War, Two Pets and My Dog Tom


  5. Very nicely done my friend. Just loved it. You are sooooo
    good. I myself am still lacking and need to rest but enjoy reading my friends wonderful work. Keep it coming.


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