snow white’s steak a poivre

blissfully imperfect, dinner continued to cook slowly. wearing a perfectly exiguous apple red dress i told the questionably gifted mirror to keep the thoughtless cynical comments to himself. turning my back, his reply a silly safe snicker he thoroughly enjoyed. rather than continue i searched in silence for the way out of a strange celestial conversation. propelled forward on a waterless flood, i placed my rushing heart on theĀ sleeveless red dress and let the waterfall of love answer the arid waiting door.
* * * * * * *
poefusion Friday 5: exiguous, thoughtless, gifted, imperfect, waterfall
photo: yakherderman, flickr


5 thoughts on “snow white’s steak a poivre

  1. wow. underline an Oh My God. you made this piece so incredibly edible…i now want to whisk my husband from his phone conversation and make a steak dinner with him.

  2. quite a nice way of telling a tale, and it’s always nice when you are able to step pass doubts and do what you wanted to do

    “let the waterfall of love answer the arid waiting door” – romantic line

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