weightless pages

beyond blood and bones
above skies and stars

delayed persistence
pallidity blinds
smiling world
still the hand
traces of illumination
smell the scent
decayed leaves

arduous significance
temporary hindrance
omission pardoned
clandestine intent
underneath and above

blue skies white clouds
infinite illusive veil
catching invisible wind
in the palm of a hand
armless wings fly
feathers freely sail

gamble the dice
black and white
set of sixes
three of a kind

gently omitted
truth traverse
tightrope walking
perfect balance
adjustable strap
pink ballerina shoes

quagmire stirring
cynical letters
bates the blank page
mocking mirror

still is the pen that writes
a world of words written waiting
* * * * * * *
 this is all about growing up and the dark and light side of testing the waters of writing

Bones 3 word wednesday prompt offers this week: gamble, omitted, temporary
photo: Blank Pages, earthdog, flickr


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