Poetry, totally optional prompts


falling silent snow writes a blank page
written in haste he leaves a blank page

forgotten too soon her watered eyes wet tears
gathering love lost sorrow stains a blank page

walking wingless her footprints howl
loitering lament her life turns a blank page

wondering why sorrow seeks soothing solace
farseeing the future discovers a blank page

humming silently OMB observes silent snow falling 
sweet laughter lights the flame ignite a blank page
* * * * * * * * * *
totally optional prompts: ghazal
photo: Snow Geese Fall Flight Bokeh, Fort Photo, flickr


12 thoughts on “blank

  1. Amazing how much you can say about a blank page.
    I just pressed the wrong key and left a blank page. I like your poem and the way you managed to get those initials into the final couplet – did I say I liked the picture too? Anyway…

  2. I love the way you use the different meanings of blank page through this beautiful collection of images – very poignant but also full of hope at the end. One question though – what is “OMB?”

  3. hi lirone…omb, is me, one more believer… The poet “signs” the last couplet (“makhta”) by including her/his name or pen name (“takhallus”)… thanks for comments, this was one of the hardest forms i’ve ever attempted to create.. i’d like to try it again…

  4. Ah… that makes sense that it’s your takhallus – I’ve tried to do this in my ghazals so I should have guessed. But I was thinking of you as “piece of pie” rather than “one more believer” and so didn’t make the connection. It’s a very hard form – but seemed to get easier for me second time round so I am optimistic for the future!

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