SundayScribblings, WeekEndWordSmith

Taking Turns Talking

love my
dear fleeting friends

there waiting
crowded empty rooms

against one
another restless souls

to make
no drop-ins allowed

to tell
unfinished lives twitter

life unhinged
dear fleeting friends
* * * * * * *
SundayScribblings No 119 topic: my oldest friend; and, weekend wordsmith. this week’s prompt: crowded;
photo: Shadows are people too, Alyography [photography], flickr


8 thoughts on “Taking Turns Talking

  1. excellent view on fleeting friendships. I’ve had several through the years that leave me wondering… What went wrong??
    great poem.

  2. i was thinking more like invisible friends… you know the ones that hang around and nobody sees… something like whoopie goldberg in ghost… sed she could see people and never really did until patrick swayze came along then all kinds of dead people came to visit her insisting on telling their story…

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