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5 Country Songs

our time was short
we weren’t meant for long
crashing orbits
fearless words
agitated sparks

briefly we tangled in a
mad mosaic monologue
barely touching
fully engaged

murmuring in a quiet corner
positioned in the middle of the vacant
paus de deux on the outskirts

a hint of sincere affections
fugitive loose confessions
traces of a shoplifted kiss

two country songs later
the coming tide of goodbye
crowded our bare wet feet

lost in a crowd
i turned away
you went back home
i still have your number somewhere
* * * * * * * * * *
SundayScribblings No 118 topic: chance encounter;
photo: THE DATE or Le dernier rendez-vous (the last meeting or the last chance), Pierre Marcel, flickr


12 thoughts on “5 Country Songs

  1. Beautiful coming together in a flash and seperating time manipulation poem, graceful, controlled passion, simply beautiful,

  2. i agree — beautiful and controlled. i found myself going back to find more details about why the characters’ time together was so short. perhaps it’s for the best. maybe their flames would have been so bright that they would have burned each other.

  3. Truly wonderful. Both for personal reasons and the poem itself I love the country song metaphor

    This was a total pleasure to read

    And thanks for that amazing comment. Loved it

  4. nathan1313 says:

    Beautiful — a concrete moment rendered in vivid language — the fourth stanza really hit me

  5. Bone says:

    This sparks the imagination more and more with each successive read. I especially thought the use of “shoplifted” and “fugitive” added unique dimensions to the piece.

  6. traces of a shoplifted kiss – love that and -briefly we tangled in a mad mosaic monologue – another great line

    it sounds like a fight between two people but ended before anything really happens, nice one

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