giving up on life
she stopped going anywhere
passively she watched
* * * * * *
one single impression no 19: through a window;
photo: Mannequin, Werner Schnell, flickr


18 thoughts on “mannequin

  1. Intriguing photo and words. It’s sort of eery, as I’ve been trying for quite some time to write about a mannequin hand I saw through a store window. I feel you’ve said what I didn’t know I was trying to ….

  2. She watches with missing eyes… how many of us have dulled senses by giving up? Intense! I like it very much – shows your creativity.

  3. not sure I like this blog format since I don’t see the image but than again, in reading the poem before seeing the image give another perspective to the poem

    interesting poem, though I wonder how she watch anything without eyes

  4. Interesting shot and poem. Even though the photo is eyeless it imparts the sense of disconnectedness that the poem speaks of. Lovely.

  5. maryt says:

    Excellent haiku! from the POV of the mannequin looking through the store window! LOve it! 🙂

  6. ‘passively she watched’_them ‘strut about in their finery’-
    what’s being flaunted,was first tried on the mannequin..thanks for sharing..

  7. kimtblogger says:

    resonated… i agree applies to so many people that are stationery in life! Great haiku

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