along the river
flows a dulcet song singing
rushing waters roar

float as a feather
embraceable fluent waves
drifting notes caress

spirits graze above
cloudless skies scatter the wind
soothing firelight

living in a land
where rustling tall grasses
call the lighthearted

* * * * * * * *
ReadWritePoem #34: light; photo: Flow, xinapray, flickr


13 thoughts on “fluvial

  1. This is a spectacular image! Goes very well with this visual piece… I particularly like the final lines here, “where rustling tall grasses / call the lighthearted.” Love the whimsy there, the unexpected voice given to the grass.

  2. Some beautiful images captured here… though I must admit feeling a bit of a disconnect between the first two verses and the last two… I wanted to find out more about the river and the singing!

  3. i love the attention you paid to sound when you chose the words in this. love all the “s” sounds in the third stanza and the rustling grass.

  4. throwshiswords says:

    a sequence of haiku, telling a larger story, is one of my favorite styles of poetry — well done. and the lovely picture is the icing on the cake!

  5. nathan1313 says:

    I really like how the first stanza especially captures the sound of what the words describe. This piece creates a vivid picture.

  6. That is a beautiful smooth thought poem, just a delicate wave moving through it like silk in the photo and w onderful upturned lighthearted ending, beautiful,

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