Pink Cadillac

losing the ring
lost everything

the garden of
desire abandoned
weeds soon reigned

a gift found
magnifying glass in hand

sitting in the backseat
of a pink cadillac

the priest of my soul
sang in the midst

Poefusion Friday Five: ring, garden, magnifying glass, backseat, priest
Photo: Pink Cadillac, stevesheriw, flickr


7 thoughts on “Pink Cadillac

  1. That is a cool car poem, I like car poems, especially when someone turns the radio on and I hear, when I’m ridin on the freeway of love, Did you find the ring? In the backseat, I just got it, sorry I am a bit slow, that is a very cool poem round a really cleverly built image,

  2. the priest of my soul
    sang in the midst
    –love these two lines, I can almost imagine a chorus of singers singing some old song from the 50’s

  3. wow, wow…underline italicized wow.

    this took me several places in my imagination with each read.

    i can feel that joy in the gift found. man, this poem is truly powerful in that every word is established so that the image gets pronunciated more than the word itself, very cool.

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