Altered State

Surealist Self Image

high on the hill
telepathic timid tree
fingertips sprouting

living visible
upside down
branching out
room to run

different does
the day declare
magnified mumbo-jumbo
hungar to depart
this ancient ground

absent feet
gravity grounded
waiting wondering watchtower
percolating perch
remote roots
if only…
* * * * *
Michelle’s Monday Mural prompt
photo: surealist selfportrait, jypcee, photobucket

interesting prompt this week, michelle…. at first had no thoughts as to where to begin… and to find it is a self portrait all the more interesting…


6 thoughts on “Altered State

  1. Love what you did here with the prompt. You’ve made the tree come to life with all its wanting. The most a tree can hope for is not to be uprooted. Nice job. Have a nice day.

  2. nathan1313 says:

    “different does the day declare” — great. There’s so much here — it swirls with the sense of an “Altered State.” Love the look of your blog.

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