gentle nudge peeling layers
shuck silent troubles

perplexed by pressure
crystal chandeliers falling
wet flood spattered floors

ticking clock erased
paperless fragments flying
border crossing yield

sanctuary found
there beside the willow tree
bitter taste revealed
* * * * * * * *

SundayScribblings No 117 topic: vision;
photo: World Traveler, NatureWalk, flickr


15 thoughts on “yield

  1. you write so beautifully! this was charming!

    thanks for all your great comments! after work today I felt like sweet gifts were left on my desk!! :))

  2. suziebee says:

    Thanks for the comment on my Sunday Scribblings post! Your poem sure is beautiful. I love the way it begins – “unexpectedly”.

  3. A wonderful piece you’ve put together here. You always amaze me how you can put together several haiku to make a single poem – I’m going to have to try that someday…

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