close by
the curtain parted

a glimpse
caught red handed

nothing memory
mutated that hour

muddy tracks
hidden tale told

by fear
concealed silent secret

calling, priest
summons saintly absolution
* * * * * * * *
Writers Island topic prompt No. 40: questionable, with matinee muse: coercion, awakening… photo: Michiko.Fujii, flickr

recently discovered haynaku by way of silent verses and another blogger, but cannot for the life of me find her blog… it is ravenswing


10 thoughts on “grace

  1. A beautiful trace of something moving poem. Such delicate control of tone, wonderful, the poem itself is like the tracks in the night marking the act,

  2. thanks for visiting me. This is mezmerizing. I’ve read it three times, What style of poetry is this? Boy, I wish I could write like you! :))

  3. wow… you know i so wanna know what they saw!!!! really quick moving piece… like they were hurrying to get away from the scene of the crime!!!!

  4. I like this poetic form, you’ve done well in this form, short but packs a lot of punch in your words

    btw – nice new look for your blog – this was one of the themes I wanted to use but didn’t quite like having the post side by side but it works well for your blog

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