14 thoughts on “fugue

  1. this is a wonderful, natural phenomenon that so often blesses the afflicted…and their loved ones. I’m not anxious to test the theory, but I can’t help but wonder if all the senses were erased…would God appear unsheathed?? unfazed ?

  2. “if all the senses were erased…would God appear”..and then..” she danced a tune no one heard’..thank u ..’unfazed life blossomed’

  3. What a beautiful take on music – the unheard melody which is just as potent as the heard. A beautiful reflection of the strength and wonder of the human spirit.

  4. mark says:

    thankyou for using my picture. this is a photograph of the same girl. she was deaf and hung about with 2 other deaf guys on the street. she was exceptionally enchanting. I will nevr forget her or them. they were such lovely people.

  5. mark, thank you for the link… that is a beautiful spirit you caught… awhile ago i saw a program on pbs through deaf eyes .. it was beautiful, a real eye opener… rather humbling in fact.. the impact of watching that program was this poem i suppose.. and the picture caught the spirit perfectly… though seeing the one linked, i could add that as well..

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