saying yes to his unspoken request
we moved toward the open space

his insistent arm around my willing waist
taking command we began

step by step in perfect unison
i pardoned the still smarting sore

in simmering silence we declared words
that always brought us together

tears forgotten laughter ignites
a passionate embraceable spirit

SundayScribblings No 118 topic: chance encounter;
photo: tango n°003, grispo, flickr


7 thoughts on “CloseEmbrace

  1. nathan1313 says:

    I like Lirone’s comment — the movement of bodies embracing ignites an “embraceable spirit.” Also, I love the words simmering and embraceable — you use them well.

  2. oh i love the way that photo blends into the background.. that in itself is really awesome.. but i love the verse as well embraceable,, and gives me a feeling of trust….

  3. You have a very talented way with words. Sometimes one has to set aside those tears and frustrations and just enjoy the moment.

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