tiny little squeaks
playful purring sick kitty
her name is dinah

black with snow white spots
long haired gray tiger tail
rambunctious terror

snow white stormy night
small sounds of terror
another new pet

climb up the curtains
tear apart precious plants
hide in the window

her name is willam
wallace delilah dinah
she is so precious

one single impression no 15: pets
photo: secrets, mc_lemore, flickr


13 thoughts on “W2_D2

  1. A great portrait poem, really feel like I met Dinah. Hope she gets better quickly. And I hope you are having a fantabulous day too, thankyou for all your comments, they were special.

  2. The bond or connection between cats and poets seems to go on forever. They truly are poetic creatures much more than their brothers the dogs.
    Always cool when the pet has a human name instead of Skippy or Fluffy.

  3. Does the heading ‘W2_D2’ have any connection with R2D2 in Star Wars? Love the word ‘rumbunctious’. We once had some black half Siamese kitchen, which we called ‘the Inkies’. They did a great job of shining up and down the curtains, which were floor length and loosely woven.

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