pasted to a waiting wall
the transitory day
unveils a black and
white portrait life

spoken in conversable lines
spectators behold
the one-act play
staged in passing promenade
cushioned concrete steps

another day transpires
rushing clouds commence
a drizzling rain pours
erasing thoughtful clarity

Michelle’s Monday Mural prompt
photo: swoon in the wild, swoon, flickr

really enjoyed this artist, michelle, found some info on the web…
Swoon’s interactive art and another site swoon2


5 thoughts on “speak

  1. What a lovely rolling poem, rhythm and sounds and a subtle idea, transient art being in everything. Full tone and luscious to read out loud too. Very cool.

  2. Disturbed Stranger says:

    Wow, really depressing… there is this sense of invisibility, insignificance… loss

    Very powerful! Great post!

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