jimi hendrix

logically when one passes from life to death there are a multiple of choices we have considered as our final destination. maybe heaven, hell, purgatory; or, if karma is your view, it may be a beautiful content flower, happy to just exist. possibly you may have been lacking in some mysterious karmic weight and the consequences, now regurgitated, you are an everyday sorta rock out in an unknown field unrecognizable in common life. who knows, one may consider the green psychology currently in vogue…recycled through cosmic bits of dust floating in unending horizons of space leaving no carbon footprint or whatever it’s called. my logic, there is no logic when you’re dead. as a dead person, i am floating… floating on a sea of watery dark glass… glass, i see that it is reflecting, how do i see, i don’t know i’m dead… and there’s a sound i hear with no ears… it is a familiar sound, it’s.. it’s jimi hendrix, singing bold as love … go figure…i am truly saved from the exhausting life of living…

..and for those of who may take offense of any sort, please im not making a political/religious statement…it’s tongue and cheek sorta day… i wish you well in your endeavor to be free from all that binds you today…do consider listening to jimi hendrix, are you experienced?.. now that, thaz music to my ears…amen…

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photo: ginadaniels, photobucket


2 thoughts on “Beyond

  1. Jimi Hendrix was the only person who could make the national anthem rock and stir

    Nobody was like him. He is much missed

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