youthful play


with much care
does she show him
her precious shell

distracted by the latest
batman comic book
he misses the moment

wearing pink sandals
with bright rubber soles
her happiness spills over
in delicate quiet twinklings

his youthful lack
of attentive love
sits untouched as a
waiting postcard

still and static
the sightless air
is released and
nothing is noticed

eyeing the
discarded soapbox
she waits another day
for him to catch up.

Poefusion Friday Five: shell, comic book, discarded soapbox, rubber soles and postcard; photo: Eleanor_W, photobucket


3 thoughts on “youthful play

  1. These words seem to be begging to tell a story. This is different to what you usually write, but I like it. I love verse three with the image of ‘pink sandals/with bright rubber soles’ with ‘her happiness’ spilling over ‘in delicate quiet sprinklings’.

  2. I don’t why – I see this moment as a child trying to catch her father’s attention, I do like the part Watermaid mentions – sounds sweet and almost precious

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