water drops

Water drops

Water drops

crossroad connection
concede for contemplation
full pages transmit

so much inbetween
forgotten and remembered
weightless shifting sand

life’s tasty morsels
sweet, savoring and devine
appetite aroused

darkened roads transfuse
tarnished memories bite hard
changed my beating heart

now perches nearby
testing the cool calm birth
tomorrow’s coming

one single impression no 13: reflecting
photo: water drops, shakespit


12 thoughts on “water drops

  1. The idea of remembering and forgetting at crossroads is wonderful. Makes me think of how each of us remembers and forgets differently, and this affects the direction we take (together or apart) at these intersections. Thanks for joining us this week!

  2. Casconda says:

    I like the bite of memories. It’s so true how a single memory can change things, especially when you least expect it. I also like how you used now, perching nearby, so casual, like where else would it be, always right there but so seldom noticed. Nice observation. Cool photo!

  3. …I’d like to think of the line between remembered and forgotten as merky and penetrable…I look forward to remembering…(nice idea, thanks)

  4. For me,this poem connects with your earlier one: ‘inbetween’. There you were contemplating on time whereas here it’s memory that you capture so well.

  5. I spent some time here thinking and reading these through. I can clearly see the transformation of the verses from complicated to sublime. “tarnished memories bite hard
    changed my beating heart”

    is just wow.

  6. “life’s tasty morsels
    sweet, savoring and devine
    appetite aroused”

    ~This was my fave – I like how you used several haikus (is that how you spell it?) to create one poem. Beautiful.

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