OneSingleImpression, tanka



alone in the wake
silence met the morning dew
still touching his soul
her heart ached from the unknown
where was he in the life drift

…a dear friend’s loss is deep.. thoughts reflected… when our loved ones pass from this world onto another, we are at a loss as to where they go, how are they doing… why are they not here with us… previous posts… ThePassing; LegacyofLove

one single impression no 12: bleeding
photo: leaves, sparknalz3


17 thoughts on “unexplained

  1. Shouldn’t it read “her HEART ached”? I like the cleaness of your work – and the emotions are raw. The photo is perfectection!

  2. “silence met the morning dew” – wonderful line. Beautiful poem. Beautiful graphic too. Compliments the poem wonderfully.

  3. I have been in that place, alone in the wake. You’ve expressed the sense of dispair and desolation so magnificently. Lovely Tanka and spectacular photo to accompany it.

  4. lovely and sad, beautifully written, the last line is my favorite, I do wonder where people go where they die, it’s hard to imagine and yet sometimes something comes to mind

  5. Saying so much with so little lines and words. I think we all have someone who passed and we think of them each and everyday. Even if it’s just for a “few lines”. That’s why this works for me.

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