preparing spagetti
afternoon adventure
intoxicating tomatoes
soothes the savoring
favors of the sauce

red wooden stool
awaits to attend
sitting i stir
cooking quiet
sipping surreal
cabernet savignon

mervin the mechanic calls
your car’s ready
the sound of his voice
purring placid
marvels the meadows
of my red sauce simmering

tracing with chalk
the blackboard of time
writes the hours
whittled away
while waiting

ideal hour to aspire
bubbles bubbling
in a beautiful bathtub
wonders of a luminous life
it’s just about dusk

sniffing the scent
of basil and oregano
the aroma hints of
dinner delight

Poefusion Friday Five: mechanic, spagetti, bathtub, stool, chalk
photo: alisa633, photobucket


5 thoughts on “genesis

  1. Now, after reading this poem, I will have to go make me some spaghetti soon. And, I must say I can make a mean Italian spaghetti. Thanks for sharing such a scrumptious poem. Have a nice weekend.

  2. Now I am hungry, I feel like I have been visiting your house after reading your poem and smelt that sauce simmering and felt the promise of contentment, lovely poem,

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