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ReadWritePoem #24: see things differently 2 Scifi poetry
photo: transportedbypassion, marj69, photobucket

transported retreat
exposed her identity
outsider abroad

forward back again
wearing glasses brought focus
vision mutation

lost feet feeling light
weightless in released motion
remembering where

losing everything
she found a faraway bar
sensing fear she drank


11 thoughts on “Awash

  1. I imagine a woman landing somewhere, not knowing where. The disorientation is palpable. The last lines bring a sense of humor to her situation.

    Nice spare lines.

  2. I felt turmoil… wow! I loved the art. It went so well with your words!

    Thank you for your comments and your visit!


  3. I really think the picture goes so well with this poem, or vice versa. Reminds me of the Worm Hole from the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

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