Poefusion #16: Create a poem using Emily Dickinson’s Bring me the sunset in a cup as a starting point
photo: overflowing hear, aslavegirl, photobucket

overflowing heart

bring me the sunset in a cup
measured overflowing
bubbling bright red orange

entirely encompassing
eternal everlasting
instanteous felicity

surrounded by surreality
intimate obscured soiree
beneath benign books
lettered pages explicate open

present where we are
without delay
words written stained red ink


5 thoughts on “BrightRed

  1. noahthegreat says:

    I really like this, though it sort of messes with my mind. Perhaps, that’s why I like it.

  2. The stained red ink stands out because it’s the only concrete image among all the abstractions which are much harder to grasp hold of.

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